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Busy-ness the aim of Business

Some encouraging news today that the Business secretary Paul Scully MP is now working on a scheme to assist Owner-Operators who currently fall between the gaps in the existing National Job Retention Schemes and Self Employed Support Scheme. It's important that we let him know the depth of this issue.

You can find him on @scullyp or

If you're getting him on the socials don't forget to @EpicBrighton or #BTNEPIC so we can find an retweet the bejesus out of your input

I would encourage members to be polite and brief in your comments and please give a #BTNEPIC mention in your tweet or other socials which will link your comment back to the letter he will receive directly from me. Key things to mention if your social contact to Paul are as follows:

  • Owner-Operators makes backbone of event industry, industry most likely to be very late in being reinstated

  • Those paying by dividend rarely see more than a 3-5% difference in their tax compared to PAYE

  • The offset for that 3% is no sick pay, no holiday pay, no maternity or paternity pay

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