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Encouraging Inclusion and Diversity in #EventProfs

Diversity has always fuelled our industry and as a committee, we strive to encourage equality within our membership.

Brighton E:P:I:C celebrates uniqueness and we promise to continually work to ensure that everyone in our membership feels welcomed, empowered, advanced, supported and valued.

We are committed to membership policies which are inclusive and do not discriminate by way of accessibility, race, gender, age, faith, identity, and experience.

Brighton E:P:I:C will offer the following support:

  • We will appoint diversity, equality, and inclusion champions who will come together to share ideas and insights.

  • We will invest in diversity training, research, and resources for members.

  • We will share these initiatives with members via email circulation, the Brighton E:P:I:C forum, and discussions during our meetings.

  • We will continually review and evaluate our activities and report back to the committee and wider stakeholders.

High Fives


A framework to work better

By agreeing to the terms of the constitution and joining Brighton EPIC our members have pledged to find ways of working the inspire, sustain and enhance a world beating events culture in our city.

View the constitution in full HERE