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In mid-March 2020 the cultural offer in Brighton & Hove was put on hold, a national lock-down began and the cultural workforce and those in the immediate supply chain experienced significant impact. Our live events offer that attracts international, national, local visitors, informs Brighton’s reputation and accounts for 40% of the City’s economy was unable to operate. From freelancers with 100% loss of paid work to organisations with 100% loss of income and a need to furlough staff quickly.  No two individuals or organisations shared the same experience, yet many people came together to find ways to collaborate, support and to start to re-imagine.  We want to build on this energy for this short term project.

This project is led by a collaboration between Brighton & Hove Arts & Creative Industries Commission, What Next Brighton & Hove and EPIC. The Management sub-group (Andrew Comben, Louise Blackwell and Marina Norris and Ian Baird) raised the money to make it possible from Brighton & Hove City Council, Arts Council England and What’s Next?

The group will guide the wider team to deliver on the outcomes required for the project. They will lead the recruitment of each freelance person on the team and will line manage them. They will facilitate the vision for the action plan and will ensure it is created through a rigorous, playful and timely process. They are responsible for ensuring inclusion and accessibility is embedded in every aspect of the work, and a broad range of communities are invited to be a part of the process.

We are aiming to create an action plan to support the recovery of the cultural sector and its immediate supply chain in the City, responding to our current situation but looking ambitiously to the future.  The action plan will place the City in a strong position to apply for recovery funding as funds become available.

We have 2 initial questions to explore:

  • Brighton is a spectacular natural and architectural canvas. How can we re-imagine our public and cultural spaces as we re-emerge with a cultural offering for the City over the next year? 

Under this question we anticipate testing ideas around:

  • the re-imagining of spaces and the capital needs for the City

  • a public programme of outdoor activity to re-engage communities and raise the profile of the City

  • public places being be fit for purpose for events

  • What are the opportunities for collaboration and disruption to create inclusive growth for cultural freelancers, organisations and audiences over the next year?

Under this question we anticipate testing ideas around:

  • Shared services, new organizational models

  • Skills – the transferability of our workforce’s skillset to aid economic and community development. 

  • Skills – the training needs that need to be addressed to enable inclusive growth

Emerging from these questions, we want to know what are the 3-6 big ideas that could be turned into actions that would make a significant impact for the cultural sector/audiences in this City? These ideas will form the basis of the action plan. 

We are pursuing the ambitious, change making ideas. 

There will be many ideas that come through this discussion – not everything needs to be in the action plan to become a reality.  We encourage everyone participating to be part of the change they want to see, change what you can, question to derive answers and answer with an openness to change that which might appear fixed.

What can we respond to here and now?  We are creating an action plan, not a strategy, underpinning our work is the work already undertaken such as the Cultural Framework, the Open Up Arts Research and the Public Art Strategy that is currently underway.

We have adapted the What Next? national values to underpin our approach to this project.

Democracy: we will create a transparent process to enable open and purposeful conversation

Equity: we will create conditions for equitable conversations and follow up actions

Leadership: building the conditions for everyone to make change

Creativity: embedding and celebrating creativity across our City

Generosity: sharing our skills, expertise, empathy and resources with each other

Trust: building relationships and a more resilient sector.

Ian, Louise and Marina will be paid a fee of £300 per day for 11 days to manage this project with Andrew who’s time will be paid for by his BDBF salary.

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Help Shape the Future

We are seeking up to four excellent facilitators to run a range of meetings online (and in person if government guidelines allow) to listen to, explore ideas and encourage radical thinking with a group of up to 75 local cultural and events professionals to help shape and form an action plan for recovery for arts & culture in Brighton & Hove.

They will have clear aims and objectives for each different meeting and will be ideas driven. They will facilitate meetings with up to 75 creative freelancers & project funded organisations in the city and National Portfolio Organisations based in Brighton & Hove.

Fee = £300 per day for 6 days (up to four people) / £1800 per person

Contract dates  = August 24th – 9th October 2020

Applications close 9am on 14th August

Interviews to take place on 24th August

Initial meeting with facilitators will take place w/c 31st August

Each strand will have a series of themed working groups (see below) that will meet up to three times in this period to contribute to the action plans. These groups are what the people in this role will facilitate.

Essential qualities and skills

The right person for this job will have:

  • proven facilitation experience with a wide range of tools to enable open and purposeful conversation arriving at consensual decision making

  • an understanding of what a strategic action plan for a city could look like

  • the ability to expertly navigate challenging situations and embrace difference of opinion

  • a strong belief in the power of collaboration

  • the experience of running inclusive meetings adapting content for different access needs

  • a desire for results and the ability to meet targets

  • a sense of humour

  • excellent communication skills

  • a belief in the relevance and importance of arts & culture as a driver for positive change in Brighton & Hove

  • ability to make things happen in a short timescale

  • a strong sense of care for themselves and others


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Have an Impact

We are seeking up to 50 freelancers and members of project-funded organisations to be paid to take part in up to three hour long conversations help shape and form an action plan for recovery for arts & culture in Brighton & Hove. We are also seeking participants who currently work for Arts Council England National Portfolio Organisations or who have an alternative business model, whose time will be covered by their salary.

Fee for freelancers = up to £150

Length of contract = 3 x 1 hour long group meetings (online or person if possible) between 14th and 30th September 2020.

Applications close 9am on 14th August

Roles will be announced by 2nd September.

Brighton & Hove residents will be prioritised but those with a track record of working in the city and/or who live in the surrounding areas will also be considered. There are 50 paid community conversation positions in total.

The participants will take part in a range of meetings focussing on different aspects of the recovery action plan for arts & culture in Brighton & Hove.   There may be a shorter introductory meeting and a final sharing of the action plan – these are in addition to the 3 meetings.

The action plan will be in place by early October 2020 and will ensure the city is in a strong position to attract investment from public bodies and other stakeholders to aid the recovery process for arts and culture, as and when it becomes available.

There are two strands of the action plan to explore in the meetings:

  1. Brighton as a canvas. Preparing ideas for creative responses to re-imagining the city’s outdoor offer

  2. Inclusive growth for the cultural and events sector

Exploring shared resources (including virtual and physical infrastructure) skills development and the principles of inclusive growth.

There will be a series of working groups under each strand to allow for specialism to be utilised e.g. Children and Young People.

Essential qualities and skills

The right people for this job will have:

  • ideas, dreams, relevant experience and practical suggestions for how the arts and cultural sector can work better in the future in Brighton & Hove

  • a willingness to lead change and take forward ideas within their organisations and communities

  • well networked within their community (you can define that community)

  • a strong belief in the power of collaboration

  • excellent communication skills

  • a belief in the relevance and importance of arts & culture as a driver for positive change in Brighton & Hove

  • a realistic understanding that not all ideas will end up in a strategic action plan, not all ideas  need a strategic action plan to become reality

  • a generosity to share skills and expertise with others

  • a strong sense of care for themselves and others


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Help Us Soar

We are seeking an experienced strategic thinker and planner to work alongside the Management Sub-group to develop an action plan for recovery for arts & culture in Brighton & Hove.

Fee: £1500 (the equivalent of 5 days work)

Contract length: August – October 2020

Applications close 9am on 14th August

Interviews will be on 24th August.

This expert will be the outside eye supporting the process of creating the action plan. They will interrogate and sense-check:

  • the vision, aims and objectives of the project at the start

  • the information gathered during the process

  • the final actions suggested

Once all the working group meetings have take place (by mid Sept 2020) they will read through a first draft of the themes, ideas and suggestions that the Management sub-group identify. They will provide an objective view on the emerging action plan, they will then create a  robust, ambitious and visionary document that represents a collective way forward for arts & culture in Brighton & Hove.

Essential qualities and skills

The right person for this job will have:

  • Strategic planning experience related to either placemaking, cultural infrastructure development or inclusive growth

  • understanding of what funders and Local Authorities partners will need from a top level action plan for recovery – please note this is not a long term strategy

  • clarity, concision and the ability to see the wood from the trees

  • extensive experience in consultation across different communities

  • experience of action planning and report writing

  • a belief in the relevance and importance of arts & culture as a driver for positive change in Brighton & Hove

  • a strong sense of care for themselves and others,

  • a generosity to be flexible to the needs of the project



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